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Wait, the Winter Olympics are cold?

Updated: Apr 8, 2018

Have you guys been watching these winter Olympics, or at least paying a slight bit of attention to the news reports coming out of Korea? Apparently it's colder then it's ever been for winter Olympics - so cold that they are handing out blankets and have set up warming stations for spectators. We've watched some outdoor events already and it seems like the crowds are minimal - if this is from the cold or just because of touristic fears about travel to Korea we don't really know, but we are presuming it to be the cold.

Did you hear that the opening ceremonies looked as empty as it was because spectators couldn't stand the outdoor stadium with its cold weather? It could be because they are staying in Seoul and needed to catch the train - a reference to one of Tina's earlier posts - but we are thinking it's the negative temperatures and that cold Siberian wind that's blowing down across the peninsula.

So with that we asked ourselves - do we have enough winter wear? I've got insulated pants that we took to Antarctica that I didn't pack, Tina has additional cold weather gear that we didn't pack. This is part of our "World Travel Master Plan" where we each have one carry-on and our camera bag, we figured we would have an extra bag that contained out winter gear that we would then ship to Europe to meet up with again in October when our travels ran into cold weather again.

Then, as we are now 2 days away, we looked at our packing and where we were with the packing - the following photo is our two bags, our camera bags, the additional "winter wear" bag, and then a table of items we need to take with us that we haven't packed. Maybe our travel eyes were bigger then our travel need realities.

We've still got a night to figure this out, I think we can reorganize, maybe add some winter wear, and pull out some unneeded items - we can always buy a new pair of pants in Vietnam.

But we are down to the wire, movers come in tomorrow at 8am, they pack our kitchen - we weren't going to pack glasses and other fragile dishware - and we've got almost everything else already boxed and ready for them. Tomorrow night we stay with our friend Trudy who's been a great help as we pack up, Tuesday is at a hotel by the airport so that we are ready for a 5am flight out, and then whether we are ready or not we are on our way on the biggest trip we could have ever imagined...

Seriously, in the leading photo I show what we are taking with us, but if you turn around in our tiny 700 sq.ft. place you'll see the rest of our packed up items.

That's not including the bedroom boxes, some additional ones in the entryway, and the photo we posted to Facebook and Instagram yesterday of the initial move into our storage locker. Tina's been on me for being a borderline hoarder since as we move though packing/consolidation it's becoming apparent that the majority of the items are things that I may not really need but just can't quite agree to part with - we will see if I'm more amenable to tossing them when we return and I haven't thought about them for approximately a year...

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