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There's a lot of minutia involved as well.

Updated: Apr 8, 2018

So we do these quick posts about cleaning our desk drawers and organizing movers (which will actually be a future post for after we actually have our place packed and moved) and we do the large posts about planning out train tips and hotels booked well in advance when traveling to the Olympics, but surprisingly there is more....

It's the little things, packing up the clothing that won't make the cut for traveling around the world with us but is good enough to put it into storage. There have been discussions about this, and we have made several trips to Salvation Army dropping of clothes that we've deemed we will never wear again. I brought home a box of memories from work, something to save, and I'm in the mind to keep most of my top desk drawer which are a lot of nonsense items that only have emotional value.

We throw things away, we donate clothing, and then we attack the tertiary items. That would be the copying of our DVD collection over to the computer so we can watch them when we are sitting in a dingy hotel somewhere, moving our iTunes collection from our old computer and a link to an external hard drive to a reduced collection that'll fit our new computer. It takes more time that we would have thought, then we planned.

We've done fairly well, rented out condo out, sold our car, packed up most of our belongings, but it's these intangibles that keep us occupied, moving addresses, downloading music/dvds, making last minute changes to our traveling wardrobe - that's what's driving us crazy these last few weeks....

As a positive note, we bought a new multi-pocketed wallet and now that it's arrived we've got our currencies consolidated into a common folder. If you look closely you'll notice that we've got them tagged by country - orange tags for Asia, green for Europe - and we've putting them into our new wallet roughly in the order we've planned our travels.

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