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Postojna Cave

If you're going to Slovenia changes are that you'll hit Ljubljana and Bled, but a location that shouldn't be missed is heading down to Postojna to see the caves and the local castle. The town itself doesn't have much, a small downtown and a few restaurants, but as I said we were there for the main attraction - the cave.

This is just a short post with photos that don't even begin to do justice to the actual site. The beauty of the caves is that it has a train that runs you from the entrance deep into the caves before you get a chance to walk around inside. The train rails were first installed back in 1872 when guides would push the cars with tourists, luckily for us it's a quick running electric engine that takes us into the cave.

The second must see item in Postojna is Predjama Castle. The castle is built into the side of a cliff, at the entrance of another cave located in the Postojna area. Slovenia is known for the abundance of caves in the country, so of course someone would build a castle at the entrance of one.

We drove up to the castle after we did our tour of the caves, and with that we arrived right as they were closing up the ticket booth for entry. We just walked about the outside and admired it, it really is beautiful to see it perched in the rock wall as it was. Talking with the receptionist at the hotel we were told that the actual touring of the castle isn't really that special, so we didn't feel too bad about missing the internal tour. Seeing the outside, and also since it is free to drive up and park, is definitely worth it.

Back in town for the evening we took a bottle of Croatian wine we had purchased at the winery we visited after touring the Krka falls and enjoyed that in the hotel lobby (we didn't have wifi up in our hotel room) as we used the time to both catch up on the documentation of our trip, and to work on the planning of our future stops in Slovenia.

Not a bad way to end a day of touring...

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