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Leaving Family for KL

After our mini vacations of Penang and then Pangor Island, and the short weekend spent with the family in Ipoh, it was time for us to move on, to let them all get back to their normal stress of working without the added worries off showing Tina and myself around. We had a great time with everyone, but we know that we will see almost all of the family again when we all head down to Tasmania this July for Charlotte's wedding.

Our day started early again, about 7:30 this time as we once again arranged all of our belongings back into our two suitcases and then packed them into the back of Hong's car. Declan had a week of school holiday that had just started that Monday, so he joined us and we went out to have one last Ipoh breakfast meal. After breakfast, Hong took us over to the train station so that we could catch our noon train to Kuala Lumpur.

The nice thing about the train station, other then it just being an impressive piece of old colonial architecture (that we didn't take any photos of this trip), and something that we didn't know prior to this trip, is that Alex works out of the building directly to the left of the station. We got to spend our last hour sitting in his office, and outside of the occasional phone calls and his real job distracting him, we were able to thank him for everyone's generosity. Mom and Minh were also there, and Landis dropped in at one point to grab some paperwork before heading out again, so it worked for us to saw our goodbye's to almost everyone one final time. Then, before we knew it, it was time and we walked over to the train station, boarded our carriage and we were soon moving and heading down to KL.

Once we were on our way we pulled out a bottle of wine and made sure to WhatsApp this photo to Alex to help him enjoy the rest of his workday -

Once down in KL we proceeded to our hotel, this is one of the times that we looked and seeing that we had a little bit of room in our budget, we booked a bit of an upgrade.

As you can see, this spacious extended stay room had the washer and dryer included, within 15 minutes of our arrival we had a load of clothes getting cleaned. We then went out grocery shopping so that we could just wake up whenever and have a simple breakfast.

Laundry and not dining out are significant savings that offset the cost of the room, and it's a nice chance to stop and relax - I know it kind of sounds like that's all we've been doing - but a lot of times we are getting up early and on schedules that one would think we could have better planned around...

Relaxing breakfast in our suite

We've been to KL before, it probably falls just short of Hong Kong as our most visited Asian city, so we didn't feel pressured to really get out and see anything. We did visit the Police Museum, wandered through the old downtown, and ended up over by the Petronas Towers.

Outside the Police Museum
Downtown Kuala Lumpur
Petronas Towers

That was enough touring for us, so we headed back up to our room to relax with our view of the KL tower and (again in our residence style room) we cooked up some pot pies to enjoy for dinner.

KL Tower from out hotel room balcony

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