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Last day in Borneo

As yesterday was a bit of a bust although we were able to get out an see some of the beautiful scenery which Borneo, today was a day to get see more of Kuching and to do laundry.

We saw a Chinese market and went to check it out but we were late and was closed already. Apparently locals get up early and finish their day early as well when it comes to markets. On to the next area which was Little India. They weren’t lying when they said little, basically one street where they sell clothing and other knick knacks. Next!

We bought some postcards to send back to family, so we stopped at our little pub called Drunk Monkey. The internet was faster than at our place so we could write some blogs of which we were falling behind in doing.

Working hard to post updates on what we've been doing

We wanted to go to the Sarawalk Sate Museum as that sounded quite interesting, unfortunately it was closed for renovations until 2020. You wouldn’t know that unless a) you walked by it or b)you read it in Trip Advisor forum. As Mark debated this with me since he went to their website directly and there was no indication it was closed. After showing him that the Trip Advisor comment was recently posted (3 days previously) he finally relented.

Some more walking before heading to dinner. We went back to a great restaurant and will again recommend this to anyone, a seafood place called See Good. I had read this earlier, and our taxi driver mentioned it as well. We had already gone before and went back for round two. The food was fantastic, fresh, and very reasonable.

The owner's 92 year old father at See Good Seafood Market - just a portion of the garlic they use nightly.

After dinner needed to get back to the hotel to pack up, as we were flying out the next morning to Vietnam.

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