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It takes a village

Updated: Apr 8, 2018

We arrived in Korea yesterday afternoon, and calculated it took exactly 24 hours from arriving at Chicago O’Hare to our hotel here in Seoul. It felt like we traveled 24 hours.

After clearing our home, our dear friend Trudy Drewiske was kind enough to host us at her place. She even took us out for dinner, although we did tell her in advance we wanted to pay.

The following day we got up and Trudy drove us to our airport hotel, as we had an early morning flight which resulted in us having to get up at 2:45am. Ugh!

We connected through Dallas on AA and arrived into Incheon (Seoul) early at 4:05pm.

Upon arrival we were met by a new friend (thank you for the intros Elaine Phelps and Sharon Karpiel) Chuck. Not only was he there to great us, he had subway cards ready for us so we can take the subway to our hotel. Playing the tour guide, he made it easy. As if you couldn’t ask for more, Chuck had a care package for us, including maps, tour books, tangerines, snacks and water. Today he will meet us at noon, and show us his version of Seoul.

What a great intro to Seoul.

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