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Family Reunion - Day 2

Just when we thought we could sleep in, sister Hong decided we needed to visit her farmer friend. She needed to steal some vegetables for future meals.

First we had breakfast at a local vegetable market where farmers meet up to discuss whatever it is that farmer’s discuss.

After breakfast of noodles and coffee we drove to her friend’s farm where Hong picked up cucumbers, long string beans, and a couple of vegetables we have never seen before. She told us what they were, but have since forgotten.

Back to Ipoh we went to visit some of the old town which has changed quite a bit since we last were there. In fact, we saw western tourists which we had never seen previously, so it’s becoming a hot spot to visit in Malaysia. It may have had something to do with article by Lonely Planet’s about the concubine street which has now become very touristy.  Apparently, a very wealthy Chinese had a few of concubines who would assist him in collecting rent. Each one had a specific street where they would be in charge of doing this.

Later enjoyed a coffee break before stopping to get some groceries/wine before returning home for a rest.

Weather in Malaysia is hot/humid with afternoon showers beginning around 4pm. So it’s a nice reprieve to be back home resting in the comfort of air conditioning. Weeks like this one misses South Korea in the winter time.

Dinner with the aunts was at one of Alex’s (no argument from us) favorite restaurants, called Marie’s. Both aunts were in attendance and happy to see them again, as it’s been more than 4 years.

During one of the conversations over dinner, I mentioned a Chinese tongue twister we had to remember when attending university in Xiamen. Because the number 4 and 10 may sound the same, one needs to know the tones to understand what the speaker is saying. Here is the link to the tongue twister in case you are interested in learning it. I had forgotten it, however, one of the auntie’s had no problem remembering it. Here she is quoting the it for us.

After our bellies were full, time to go home, relax and show pictures of previous years with the family. You forget how quickly time moves when speaking of old memories and yet it also seems like yesterday since we saw everyone again.

Feels good to be back home.

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