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Family Reunion 好久不见了

Updated: Apr 8, 2018

After our mini-holiday in Penang and Pangkor Laut, it was time to get reunited with the rest of the gang.

First things first, Alex wanted us to take a slight detour to Pangkor island to have lunch. From the short ferry ride from Pangkor Laut to the mainland, we drove a short bit to take another ferry to Pangkor island.

The boat was not nearly as new/clean as the one to Pangkor Laut, but it got us to Pangkor island without incident. A lot more foreigners on this one as well. Didn’t realize it was the place to be if you couldn’t afford the resort on Pangkor island.

Had one of the best calamari ever. It was lightly fried and absolutely delicious. Alex also ordered more noodles, and a beautiful fresh snapper. Of course what’s lunch without beer. After filling our stomachs, we headed to the old fort, before returning back to the mainland for home.

A quick bit of history, we met Hong and family while living in Xiamen. At that time they were running a wine and coffee shop/cafe. We quickly became friends with them, and shortly after meeting Hong, we met little sister Yih and her hubby.

We were invited to go to Ipoh, Malaysia in July 2009 for mom’s birthday, here we are 9 years ago -

After that, we have been visiting the family frequently either in Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong or other various parts of the world. We stay in touch on a regular basis. Of course we had to stop by the family while being in Malaysia during our travels.

After settling into our digs (we get our own loft), made our way to the kitchen to catch up with everyone minus Alex and YK.

It seems like yesterday since we were altogether as everyone looks identical to the last time we were together which was 4 years ago. The shock came in when we saw the boys. How quickly they grow, they are now almost the same height as Mark.

And from 4 years ago -

We were also fortunate that Min (her daughter, Charlotte is getting married in Tasmania, hence the reason we are making a detour to go to Taz in July) was in town, as we do not always have the opportunity to see her since she and her family live in Port Dickson. 

It was nice to have a home cooked meal, and Hong never disappoints. We had a beautiful curry meal.

Afterwards Ying needed to dash out as she was preparing for her ballet finals, while we retired to the living room to hear more on what is going on with everyone’s lives.

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