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Budva, Montenegro - a city worth visiting

Montenegro was a fascinating country, part of Yugoslavia before the Homeland war, and a country we had wanted to visit. Similar in some ways to Croatia, but has its own character, and although still touristy, not nearly as bad as Croatia.

We decided to stay a week here, with the majority of time in Kotor, however, the first day would be in Budva. The drive took us past Kotor and was approximately 3 hours from Dubrovnik.

We arrived a bit later than we originally planned as we stopped at the abandoned resort of Kupari, just outside of Dubrovnik, that was the topic of our last port before entering Montenegro.

Upon arrival it took us a bit to find the hotel as the name listed on the website with was completely different than what is on the apartment building. We finally called and found out we were actually at the correct place. It also helps a bit we had a photo of the building to give us an idea. We learned to do this a few months ago, and as you can see this was not the first time we have had issues finding a place. It’s one thing if you book a hotel/motel/guest house, and another when someone is renting out their room/apartment.

Lucky for us, the sun didn’t quite set until almost 2030 so we still had some time to visit the town, and as it was quite small it didn’t take all that long to cover a good majority of this charming seaside town. Like most of the other older towns in this region one could tell the influence of the Venetians. It was a nice reprieve from Dubrovnik due to the size and the number of tourists, although it does see its share as well.

Enjoying the sea, we found a nice outdoor restaurant to grab some fresh seafood, before heading back to the hotel, and yes up another steep hill.

Since we knew we had time in Kotor we decided not to leave early and to head back down to enjoy more time in this quaint town. It too has a wall which you can walk around and view the town from above. It’s a baby wall compared to Dubrovnik, but still allows you to capture nice views of the sea and town.

Some more meandering, then off to Kotor for 5 nights.

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