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An off the cuff remark is now a reality

Updated: Apr 8, 2018

When it comes to holidays, we start thinking about the following year’s trip in the latter part of the each year. Three events in 2018 dictated our travel, and unbeknownst to us would lay the groundwork of our year long adventure. The first being the Winter Olympics, followed by World Cup in the summer, and lastly the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1. Looking at the spread of the timing we joked “Maybe we should just take the year off...”

Who would have thought an off the cuff remark would lead us down this path? That being said, the remark was quickly dismissed. Let’s face it, we aren’t spring chickens any more, and I’m too practical to give up a nice job for uncertainty.

With some personal losses, some expected, some not so much, we started to rethink this crazy idea. It also helped that we were invited to attend a wedding in Tasmania which further exceeded our allotted vacation time.

Life is short.

The decision was finally made in the fall after researching the cost of such an adventure, and reviewing our finances. Now, the question was, would we really do it? Obviously you now know the answer.

We both gave our notices in the fall, giving our companies about 4.5 months to find people to replace us. We wanted to ensure we will leave on good terms (how we are viewed a few weeks/months after our departure is yet to be decided), and to train the new person if needed.

We began researching more information about destinations, costing, pre-trip preparations, and all the rest of the fun which we would need for such an adventure. In the early research stages, we felt we could always back out if we had a change of heart, but once we made the step to inform work our reality was solidified.

In the end we believe we made the right choice for us.

Here’s to taking a leap into the unknown!

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