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After all the planning

Updated: Apr 8, 2018

We're finally here, tomorrow morning we have a 5:15 am flight that takes us over to Seoul, to the Winter Olympics, and to an adventure in travel that will keep us out of the States for at least 10 months....

That's what we've boiled it all down to - two roll aboard bags, two camera bags, and two bags of winter clothing that will be required for standing outside watching Olympics but that we will then mail forward so we can pick it up in Europe in October when we start getting back into colder weather.

Meanwhile, the majority of our belongings will spend their time tightly packed into a 10'x10' storage locker.

We also have to thank friends and family for helping to support us, Trudy for storing some clothing and necessities for when we return, Philip and Debi for graciously accepting to store our small collection of wine in their temperature controlled world, and for my parents who are also holding some items and took on the responsibility of babysitting our 50" plasma TV until we return.

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