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A new travel journal and site for us to document our lives...

Updated: Apr 8, 2018

And here we are with another year in the books, moving forward into 2018. This is a year that will see a lot of changes for both Tina and myself and with that we are starting new with so that we can document our lives and all of the experiences we have going forward.

You can see from our first photo that we've already had our 2018 Calendar / Journal tagged with Wichmann Stories - Round the world 2018, as we will literally be filling our year traveling around the world, so you're all invited to follow us on this journey...

Hopefully some helpful tips for people traveling as we do, for people just looking for general information, and for those of you that just enjoy a slight voyeuristic look into someone else's lives. Tina called it out earlier, saying that this really is just a look into our WTB list, the things that drive us and that we enjoy most in this world - Wine, Travel, and Books.

We hope you enjoy our writings, welcome to 2018, and welcome to our blog.

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