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12 weeks

Today marks 12 weeks that we have been on the road. Twelve weeks ago we landed in South Korea excited for 10 days of Winter Olympics and with a plan that went out about four weeks from there. After that we had an open calendar that we could fill with whatever we wanted, at least until the beginning of June when we have a train to catch heading through Russia.

It's gone by unbelievably quickly, if you asked us we might say that we are entering week three of our travels, as it just still doesn't seem real that we've been gone for a quarter of a year. We've cobbled together a rough plan that will take us another two weeks, we are still working out the details of when we will be getting into China where we know that we've got planned stops in Xiamen, Shanghai, Datong, and Beijing.

Typical planning session - budget and a map of places to go

A lot of our planning has been while in a restaurant enjoying the free wi-fi that they provide. We have our phones to look up information on places and pricing, making sure all that while that it fits into the budget that we gave ourselves that will allow our travels to run through the end of 2018.

Just look back quickly, we've gone from the Winter Olympics to tropical jungles, the following is a breakdown of what we've done:

  • 6 Countries

  • 18 Cities

  • 5 Plane Rides

  • 11 Train Rides

  • 2 Boat Rides

  • 7 Bus Rides

  • Approximately 400 miles walked

  • Approximately 2 hours total where we haven't been within earshot of each other

  • 2-3 Tense moments, but absolutely Zero fights...

We're still wondering when this will feel real, but as of right now we're just making the most of it and enjoying ourselves...

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