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We are a mixed nationality couple that met in Chicago in July 2005, married in April 2006, and have embarked over the years on a voyage of travel and exploration around the world.  Tina is a proud Canadian who has been living in the states since 1998, and Mark is an American who emigrated to Chicago in 1995 from the hilly New England region of western Massachusetts.


The travel bug had existed in both of us well before we met, but its intensity has grown since we've been together.  In 2007 we moved to Xiamen, China to work as Expats and started our initial blog, wichmannstories.blogspot, but after we returned - although we still traveled extensively - we never really gave it the attention it deserved.  The blog limped along for a little while and then finally, midway through detailing one of our greatest trips, something got us distracted and since we never made it back it was just left out there as yet another abandoned blog site.


Which leads us to this current blog, one that we have started up in 2018, the year that we both decided to quit our jobs to head out into the world to travel.



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